CCAG Public Meeting Minutes

With the first AGM of the CCAG due to take place on Thursday 30th November 2017, we would like to make you aware of the minutes from the Public Meeting held on the 16th October 2016 as these will be briefly discussed for approval.

Here are the minutes from that meeting:

Committee Members:
Trevor Jones – Chairman
Bob Hindhaugh – Vice Chairman
Mike Williams – Treasurer

Elected members:
Arthur Brighton
Brian Powis
Jim Hall
Nigel Jones

Members of the Community In Attendance:
Jasper Rattan, Owen Richards, Marie Rattan, Roger Gerrard, Kath Batley, Shaun Murphy, Emma Bratley, Philip Roberts, Tony Morris, Diane Roberts, Gaynor Morris, Dave Manning, Liz Smith, Chris Bull, Roy Smith, Ian Jones, Ian Cook, Amy Brennall, Joanne Pattison, Paul Lilburn, Kirsty Dodd, C Artell, Celia Powell, H Artell, Derek Powell, M Jenkins, Jan Davison, T Woodhouse, Mal Bate, C Woodhouse, Rupert Davies, Phan Wyatt, Simone Eddison, Brian Wyatt, John Jenks, Chris Oxtoby, Gillian Pickett, GA Jones, Pete Hughes, Mike Wall, Suzanne Bratley, Pat Hickley, Lynn Davison, Alvin Marriott, Phil Davies, Gill Owen, Jane Bartley, JM Owen, Barney Bartley, Gareth Jones, Joanne Lloyd, Campbell Smith, Kath Lloyd, Kieran Carruthers, Mike Lloyd.

Margaret Brighton
Gary Lloyd
Nicola Jones

1. Welcome and Apologies.
The current chairperson, Trevor Jones, welcomed everyone and thanked them for their attendance. Everyone was asked to sign the attendance register.

2. Minutes from the last AGM on 4th August 2015
Trevor Jones gave an overview of the previous minutes (they were not distributed individually in print form). He explained that the previous meeting was to agree the original constitution as an uncorporated company which was to enable us to open a bank account to accept funds and be able to demonstrate to CWAC and Admiral Taverns/LNT that we were a properly constituted organisation as regards the planning application and the ACV.

Trevor covered the aims of the group, finances at the time and the meeting appointed the management committee. The current position regarding the planning application was discussed.

3. Matters arising from the previous meeting.
There were no matters arising from the previous meeting.

4. Chairpersons report on the performance of CCAG during the past year.
Trevor Jones gave a chronological report of events during the past year:

04/08/15 – AGM
04/11/15 – Andy Jones leaves as licensee
05/11/15 – Admiral Taverns appoint Willowpark to manage the Centurion whilst they assess viability
Nov 15 – LNT submit slightly amended planning application
Dec 15 – LNT submit appeal against refusal of 1st planning application to the Secretary of State
05/11/15 – Willowpark have three managers, the third being Jamie Coleman, who managed a busy period of trade from 16/12/15-25/01/16.
25/01/16 – Admiral announce on 18/01/16 that the Centurion is to close on 25/01/16
Feb 16 – CWAC planning refuse 2nd planning application by LNT
23/03/16 – 1st planning application appeal heard by the Government planning inspector Dr Roger Catchpole at a public meeting in St Marys Centre
Early May 16 – Planning appeal refused
31/05/16 – Admiral Tavern/LNT contract expires
02/06/16 – Admiral Tavern activate ACU moratorium period and put Centurion up for sale
21/06/16 – Admiral agree to lease Centurion to CCAG subject to agreeing terms
04/07/16 – Public meeting in United Reform Church agrees to try and raise £15,000 for start-up funds to enable lease to be signed
11/07/16 – £21,000 raised by Vicars Cross community
13/07/16 – Negotiation on terms of lease and preparation of taking keys progress
09/09/16 – 16/09/16 – CCAG and Vicars Cross community take keys and carry out DIY/SOS to prepare for opening.

Trevor thanked all participants, MP Chris Matheson, CWAC councillors, Parish Council, CAMRA, United Reformed Church for their help over the previous 20 months, but most of all thanked the Vicars Cross community for its continuous support of CCAG. He stated that he did not know their finest achievement or hour:

• 343 objections to the 1st planning application
• 330 objections to the 2nd planning application
• 125 people attended the planning appeal
• £21,000 raised as donations in 1 week
• DIY/SOS team to get the Centurion ready to open in 1 week

5. Financial position up to 9 September 2016.
Total figure prior to taking keys: £21,065

6. Update on trading position since opening the Centurion on 16/09/16.
Trevor explained that as we had only been trading for 3 weeks he was not going into detail or produce a profit and loss/balance sheet. Trading had though been good but this was considered to be a honeymoon period and we needed to be vigilant over progressing what we were providing as a product to the whole community.

7. Vice Chairman’s report on the way forward including events and purchase.
This report has been compiled by Bob Hindhaugh Vice Chairman of the Centurion Community Action Group for the duration outlined above. This report is set out to comply with the notice and in particular item 7 of the agenda which has been publicised in and around the Centurion.

The purpose of this report is to update the Community on the Committee’s views as to the way forward including the set processes of how we as a Community Benefit’s Society (CBS) can work effectively towards procurement of the pub.

• As mentioned by The Chairman the first step is for us to set out in a letter to Admiral our realistic offer to purchase the Pub and the plot. Both Trevor and I have had preliminary discussions with legal representatives as to how we best get to this point. It may be that an approach is made to the Valuation Company – to seek a form of words from them. It is intended to have this letter to Admiral by the end of this month.

• We have put our application forward to CWaC to try and secure the rates reduction, of which in turn also gets us a Sky/BT sports reduction. At the same time, we have been putting together a more detailed business plan. We are able to do this now that we are starting to obtain operating figures. This work is crucial as at this stage we do not know what figure or situation Admiral will accept.

• There are a number of ways in which we can source the necessary funding.

  • Ongoing work with the Plunkett Foundation which will provide us with a Grant/Loan up £150,000.
  • Add to potential profits after this year
  • Secure other funding from Parish Council through Public Works Fund.
  • Share Options with the Community in which a dividend is payable every year of around 2-3%
  • Crowd Funding
  • Buy a Brick
  • Working with another brewery partner or other partners.
  • The above list is not exhaustive and if anyone from the audience has any other ideas we will be happy to discuss. I am sure the Community appreciate that at this stage we can only get the frameworks in place until we know what the final accepted bid/price actually is.

    Whilst I believe as a Community we have come a long way since the planning application process, the upshot of all this of course is there is still a lot of work still to be done with various organisations before we can finally say this is our pub. To help this process and to maximise our profit margins we have planned a series of entertainment and other programmes as follows.

    It has to be recognised that we have only been open for 3 weeks or so and it has proved difficult to sort out more live entertainment at this stage as most of the artists are booked up months in advance.

    I am sure you understand that we have not been in that position but every effort is being made to achieve this aim. This does not mean to say we have been idle. There are a number of future events that are in planning stages now and I will list them below.

    However, before I mention these, I would just like to say that there are some valuable services on the way and their provision has been out with our control. Firstly, Internet access – we have negotiated free Wi-Fi for the pub through Sky, however the earliest date we could get for BT to carry out their work is 19 October.

    Sky have assured me it will be up and running a maximum of 2 days after this. The Land line telephone, yet again another nightmare. Told the line was available booked the re connection and line wasn’t still available and this provision will now cost £120 but hopefully next week.

    Moving to planned events 28-30 October Halloween weekend starting on the Friday with a kids Halloween Party and Disco 4-6pm, Saturday, an adults Halloween fancy dress party with prizes for best fancy dressed. Sunday Tony’s traditional Halloween quiz. We are planning a Bonfire night hotpot supper on 5 November, we still need to complete the risk assessment and we will be moving the fences at the back forward at the weekend, so volunteers would be greatly appreciated.

    The two key events being organised this year is the Pub 50th Birthday party on 10 December this will be a 60s theme as the pub opened in 1966. A live Act and buffet supper. On 16 December it is intended to have our grand Xmas raffle lots of prizes, Open the box and Higher or Lower games. We then enter the real Xmas spirit with the Children’s Xmas Party on 18 December and the Senior Citizens Lunch on 22 December.

    As we can other events may well be programmed and advertised on our new website and go to the events page. Most of the events will be advertised in Vicars Cross Voice later this month.

    Once the Wi-Fi is connected it is our intention to provide afternoon I Pad, tablet and basic computer lesson for all.

    Finally, we would still like people to help us work on decorating the pub for events etc as many hands make light work I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who both made donations and worked extremely hard the week prior to opening it really was a fantastic effort by all.

    Bob Hindhaugh
    Vice Chairman.

    8. Election of Management committee for 2016-17.
    Trevor Jones and Bob Hindhaugh explained to the meeting that to enable the lease to be signed with Admiral Taverns we had created a new constitution in conjunction with the Plunkett Foundation. We had become a Community Benefits Society Ltd., registered with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), registration number 7382.

    It was to this new company that the meeting was being asked to elect through nominations (proposal) and seconded, people into office.

    Position – Chairman
    Nomination – Trevor Jones
    Proposer – Bob Hindhaugh
    Seconder – Tony Morris

    Position – Vice-Chair/Secretary
    Nomination – Bob Hindhaugh
    Proposer – Tony Morris
    Seconder – Dave Manning

    Position – Treasurer
    Nomination – Mike Williams
    Proposer – Alvin Marriott
    Seconder – Derek Powell

    Position – Committee
    Nomination – Nigel Jones
    Proposer – Chris Oxtoby
    Seconder – Celia Powell

    Position – Committee
    Nomination – Brian Powis
    Proposer – Alvin Marriott
    Seconder – Derek Powell

    Position – Committee
    Nomination – Arthur Brighton
    Proposer – Owen Ricketts
    Seconder – Roger Gerrard

    Position – Committee
    Nomination – Jim Hall
    Proposer – Dave Manning
    Seconder – Ian Cook

    Position – Committee
    Nomination – Simone Eddison
    Proposer – Mike Williams
    Seconder – Brian Powis

    Position – Committee
    Nomination – Shaun Murphy
    Proposer – Brian Powis
    Seconder – Chris Oxtoby

    9. Appointment of Accountants.
    Trevor Jones as Chairperson asked the meeting to approve Cadwalladers as accountants for CCAG Ltd who had been recommended by the Plunkett Foundation.

    10. Appointment of Auditors.
    The meeting was asked to agree to the Management Committee appointing auditors at a later date after consultation with the Plunkett Foundation.

    11. Any other business.

  • Mike Jenkins requested that a letter of thanks be sent to Nicola Jones who had resigned from the Management Committee due to work and family commitments. She had been a committed, dedicated, loyal and expert member of the committee.
  • Diane Roberts requested that as a mark of appreciation that some flowers be sent to Nicola.
  • As there was no other business, Trevor closed the meeting at 8.45pm.