Management Committee Candidates

As you are aware, the first Annual General Meeting of the Centurion Community Action Group Ltd (CCAG) will be held at The United Reformed Church at Vicars Cross on Thursday 30th November at 7.30pm.

During the AGM, you will be asked to vote two new members on to the committee.

Three potential candidates have put their names forward so we are asking you to now familiarise yourself with them and the skills they can bring to the committee by reading through the information they have provided us with, below.

Wanda Hall
I believe I can bring a range of skillsets to the group, particularly in the areas of IT and Marketing. I am a senior IT Manager at MBNA and also have a background in Marketing plus skills of running my own business.

I also have graphic design skills and a thorough knowledge of social media platforms and crowdfunding – all of which could be utilised to help promote events and raise awareness, which I have seen to be key areas of focus for the CCAG over the last few years.

I am a regular visitor of the Centurion including most of the events held, especially those which welcome children. As a family with a 9 year old son, I feel I can present the views of families regarding children’s events and policies and also have a network of other parents who I regularly promote the Cenny family’ events too.

As you are aware, I have actively helped out the Committee where I can in the past. I designed and administered the online public questionnaire on usage & preferred facilities during the planning application refusal process, I volunteered time to tidy up the children’s playground, my husband, Geoff, has helped with lighting and we have always attended as many events as possible, including selling at car boot sales.

Rob Jones
I have worked for the last 18 years in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods industry, 6 years with Procter & Gamble and 12 years with Unilever. During this time, I have undertaken various roles covering supply planning, sales forecasting, innovation & marketing and supply chain design.

More recently I was responsible for capabilities that looked to improve the business performance of Unilever Europe focussing on the balancing of cost, cash and service. In my current role I am leading a team who is responsible for the project management of all IT Supply Chain planning related projects in Europe.

In this role I am accountable for ensuring the project is delivered on time, meets the business requirement and most critically is within budget. From a business planning perspective, I feel have some solid and diverse experience that could support the committee.

More importantly though I feel I can bring some additional enthusiasm, ideas and commitment to help succeed. I always do try to contribute attendance to all events that are planned and I do what I can to make them fun (Helen might suggest too much fun sometimes!!). It would be really interesting to be on the organisation side and be part of the journey from start to finish, and not just the finish.

Personally, I have some good connections through friends outside of the Centurion, not sure if any of these might help but being involved in discussions can help to understand this. Furthermore, Helen works at age UK Cheshire so this enables a closer connection to get the latest initiatives from organisations like this whom I know have supported events at the Centurion in the past.

Phil Davies
A VX resident and member of ‘our’ community for over 25 years I am actively involved with the ongoing maintenance of the Cenny.

With experience of similar Committee-run organisations my sole interest is for the Cenny to prosper and remain a facility for us all to enjoy.