Sunday Lunch Notice

Sunday Lunch Notice

It is regrettable that we have to announce that, for the foreseeable future, there will be no Sunday lunch offering at the Centurion.

Since the Committee has been asked to keep the community informed, we hereby publish a summary of the notification of termination we have received from the chef/catering company.

The caterers gave verbal notice on 20th February then written notice on Tuesday 6th March to the Committee of their intention to cease the interim catering contract following completion of Mother’s Day Sunday Lunch service on Sunday 11th March and a private event on 17th March.

Reasons cited included:
• Lack of clear booking process/misunderstanding on booking numbers weekly
• Concerns over lack of awareness and care of non-catering staff relating to food hygiene requirements and standards causing concerns of potential health, safety and environmental health issues. In order to mitigate the potential concerns, the kitchen was cleaned and prepared thoroughly by the chef and assistants to the highest standards before each food service over the last few months so that there was absolutely no risk to customers. Thus the issue was the additional work this necessitated.
• Use of the kitchen in between scheduled Sunday lunch catering dates by others leaving it in an unsuitable state for start of food prep and service
• Breakdown or misunderstanding of agreement of sole catering provision leading to the above

The Committee will carry out a review of future food provision at the Centurion and notify you in due course.

Thank you