Remember, Remember The 5th Of November…

Remember, remember the fifth of November – Gunpowder, treason and plot. I see no reason, why the gunpowder treason should never be forgotten.

Join us to celebrate Bonfire Night at the Cenny  We’ll be having a traditional Guy Fawkes Night complete with Fireworks, Hotpot and a big Bonfire.

The family fun begins at 6.00pm with the fireworks starting around 6:30pm. Once the kids have headed home the fun will continues for the grown ups

A Big Thank You!

Now that we’ve all managed to get over very hectic but very fun Halloween and Bonfire weekends it’s time to doth our caps to the ladies and gentlemen of the community that gave their time and energy into turning the Cenny into the perfect place to host the first community bonfire for five years!

For the regular Centurion goers out there, you may have noticed how fantastic the outside space is looking, not least in part due to the phenomenal work carried out on the fences around the pub.

So in no particular order, as everybody made a valuable contribution, the Centurion Community Action Group Committee (yes, we know how long-winded that is!) would like to thank Ian Cook for managing the overall project along with Phil Roberts, Nigel Jones, Geoff Pritchard, Melvin Owen, Dianne and her hubby for all their hard work.

And of course, as an army doesn’t march on an empty stomach, thanks also goes to Jamie and Arthur for supplying the much needed cups of tea and pies!

And lastly, a big shout out to Chris Oxterby for his continued work and help tending the hedges and keeping them tidy.

So with all of the fencing and hedges taken care of we were able to hold a fantastic bonfire and fireworks display that couldn’t possibly have come together without the tremendous efforts of so many people who pitched in to get it going.

But what’s a bonfire without a Guy?? So three cheers to Carol Powis for raiding Brian’s wardrobe and stitching Guy Fawkes together and to Kelly Powis for keeping us all fed on the night as she tended the hotdog and hotpot stand.

Once again another huge community effort and if you’d like to see some of the snapshots taken on the evening just head to our facebook page at Centurion Community Action Group